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If you’re considering ditching your traditional landline telephone service for an Internet-based VoIP (Voice over IP) system, you’ve come to the right place. North Carolina Business Owners look to a local company like Carolina Digital Phone, you get a best business class telephone phone system that is easy to use and manageable online, allowing business owners to focus your attention on what really matters: your business. Carolina Digital Phone offers the easiest and most affordable option for your business, schools or government agency phone system. With more employees working remotely our hosted VoIP service with our free mobile application for your smartphone helps thousands of users simplify how they manage their communications and get off their old on-premise phone system.

What are the advantages of a VoIP office phone system? It's no wonder that hosted VoIP systems have become the first choice for businesses of all types and sizes. There are lots of good reasons to choose a hosted VoIP phone system for your business, including the fact that hosted VoIP systems will save you mey over traditional on-premise systems and traditional phone lines.

Value: Whichever type of VoIP system you choose for your business phone services, be it a cloud-based hosted VoIP service or an on-site self-managed system, one thing is certain you will pay less for all the features you get than you would if you stuck with a traditional office phone system, as opposed to hosted VoIP.

Flexibility: Whatever the nature, size, or particular needs of your business, you’ll find a VoIP provider or package to suit. Want to integrate it into a traditional office phone system? No problem. Want to route calls to mobile phones or remote team members? Again, easily achieved.

Scalability: One of the great advantages of a VoIP business phone service is how easily it can grow (or contract) with the needs of your small business VoIP system. Since there's no need for the physical installation of new lines, all you need to do is add a new handset and configure the new user’s connection using the provided software. This can be especially useful if your business's call volume is seasonal.

Don't be fooled by the national VoIP Service providers with the "bait and switch" sales tactics, because within a few months after you get your first telephone bill after switching you might be surprised by the extra charges and servcie fees. Carolina Digital Phone is a honest, reputable telephone company servicing the Local Triad for 20 years. Being in business that long you can only get Great Reviews and repeat customer growing and adding new locations.

We at Carolina Digital Phone we are committed to providing excellent Hosted VoIP telephone services for business, education and government. The founders of this company are local to the Triad and have been in computer and internet related businesses for more than 30 years. Our company focuses our efforts exclusively toward providing the most reliable Hosted VoIP telephone service for business and government agencies at the best prices. Our experts have years of experience developing and hosting mission critical web applications on the all platform, and we are experienced with and support the latest technologies. Before you made a decision Ask your potential telephone company these essential questions.

Click to verify BBB accreditation and to see a BBB report Carolina Digital Phone is a proud Member of the Better Business Bureau as an Accredited Business and we are committed to providing excellent server colocation, managed servers, web site hosting and development all at competitive prices. Our company focuses our efforts exclusively toward providing the most reliable service at the best prices. Our senior management has many years of experience developing and hosting mission critical applications on all platforms, and we are experienced with the latest technologies. Contact us today (336) 544-4000 or Click Here for a fast inquiry.

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